Review: Wolford Naked 8 Tights (Updated: 20/04/18)

      It seems that the heaven read and responded to my last review, as we have been bathing in sunshine since.  To return the favour, I would like to review an item – the Naked 8 Tights by Wolford.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Classic nylon with an airy feel.
⊕ Great breathability.
⊕ Stretchy even without elastane.

⊗ Synthetic touch.
⊗ Prone to snag.

Packaging & product description

      Packaging are the same as those Wolford items I reviewed before.  They have always ben simple, elegant and in high quality.

      Below is what I have gathered from the official online shop:

Stylish and natural: These sheer tights are seemingly invisible yet look beautiful at the same time. They are light and soft like powder on the skin and are comfortable thanks to a special, stretchy yarn. The soft knitted waistband ensures a comfortable fit.

  • Elasticity is achieved thanks to a special, stretchy yarn – no elastane
  • Elastane is only used in the knitted waistband
  • Unreinforced sandal toe – perfect with open-toed shoes
  • Cotton gusset
  • An impressive must-have item for warm days.

Appearance & texture

      Naked 8 tights are ultra-sheer (8 denier appearance) tights with a moderate sheen.  It is sheer-to-waist.  The texture is pure nylon (i.e., synthetic) to the skin.  The entire length of the tights is 64cm when laid flat.  The waistband measures 3cm wide.  This is followed by the fingerband, which is 2cm wide.  There is a knitted gusset and a sandal toe.

      The Tights is 100% made from nylon.  According to Wolford, the elasticity is achieved by using a specially developed yarn.

(Sourced from Wolford Online Shop)

Size range

The size ranges from XS to L.  I have used size S in this review.


      There are currently eight shades available.  From left to right, they are: Caramel, Honey, Cosmetic, Gobi, Sun-Tan, Fairly Light, Mousse and Black.  Sun-Tan is slightly darker than Honey while Mousse is more of a brownish-grey.  Both colours are recent additions to the nude range.    I have chosen Caramel for this review.



      Although the tights looks very small, the fit was perfectly fine.  In fact, there are rooms (2-3cm) for taller people.  I had no issues with the waistband.

      The elasticity of the yarn is magic!  I sat in front of the desk all day and had some stretches afterward.  The tights became baggy below the knee but restore to original form as you start moving your legs, e.g., walking.  This is something you don’t see everyday.  The envelopment on the other side, was loose.  The tights “float” on the skin like a breeze.


      Nude colour with moderate sheen gives the legs a 3-dimensional look.  This is a plus if you have lean legs but a minus if you have a muscular calf like me.

      Naked 8 tights are prone to snag.  However, the snags are not clear if the colour is very close to your skin tone.  I myself caught a few.  Fortunately, they didn’t turn into a run.


      The texture of Naked 8 was rather synthetic to the skin.  However, it has an airy feel and the tights are very breathable.

Final words

      The elastic yarn is a definite plus.  You don’t have to worry about the tights becoming baggy over time.  The moderate sheen and the airy feel makes Naked 8 tights ideal for summer activities.

      One issue I had with ultra-sheer tights (<10 den) is that they are very delicate.  Despite being high quality hosiery maker, Wolford is without exception.  I have tried Aura 5 (discontinued), Naked 8, Luxe 9, Transparency 10, Individual 10 & Pure 10.  All but the Individual 10 snag on the first occasion, and worn with just a few times*.  Until there is a way to revolutionise durability, I would suggest go for higher denier or find cheaper alternatives; unless you really need the extra high quality.

      You can purchase Naked 8 tights for €19 or £19, Naked 8 is also available in Stay-Ups.

Wolford Online Shop (English)

*Although Pure 10 tights are prone to tiny snags, it is more durable than the other ultra-sheer tights.


  • Price change.  (20/04/18)

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