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Review: Wolford Naked 8 Tights

       It seems that the heaven read and responded to my last review.  As a result, we have been bathed in sunshine for most of the week.  To return the favour, I would like to look into a long standing product to-be, which is ideal for the coming summer – the Wolford Naked 8 Tights.


  • Classic nylon touch with an airy feel
  • Relatively stretchy even without elastane
  • Prone to snag

Appearance & texture

       Naked 8 tights are ultra transparent (8 denier appearance) with a slight sheen.  The texture is pure nylon (i.e., synthetic) to the skin, with a knitting appearance similar to the  Phillip Matignon Nudité Solaire tights I reviewed earlier.  The entire length of the tights is 64cm, the waistband is 3cm wide and the fingerband is 2cm wide.  Naked 8 tights have a sandal toe, a great match for open toe shoes or sandals.

       The Tights is made totally from nylon.  Wolford says that elasticity is achieved by using a specially developed stretchy yarn.


Size range

       The size ranges from XS to L (there is no XL or XXL in online shop at the time of writing this review).  I have used size S in this review.



       Currently, there are eight shades available.  From left to right, they are: Caramel, Honey, Cosmetic, Gobi, Sun-Tan, Fairly Light, Mousse and Black.  Sun-Tan is slightly darker than Honey and Mousse is more of a brownish-grey.  Both colours are recent additions to the nude range.    I have chosen Caramel in this review.


(Source: Wolford Naked 8 Tights)


       Don’t get wrong with its total length of a mere 64cm, the fit is great (I am 171cm tall), and there are rooms for even taller people.  The tights has a classic nylon touch and an airy feel – it gently “sits” on your skin.  Furthermore, they are very breathable.  The nude colour with slight sheen gives the legs a more 3-dimensional look, which is a plus if you have lean legs but a minus if you have a muscular calf like me.

       The elastic yarn is magic!  I have tried wearing it all day, keeping the knees bent for couple hours and deliberately doing stretches, and to my surprise, they become baggy around the knee cap but then restore to original form as you start moving your legs, e.g., walking.  This is something you don’t see everyday!

       The tights is prone to snag, but snags are not apparent if the colour you choose is very close to your skin tone.  Also, like all Wolford hosiery, they don’t ladder.


My verdict

       The elastic yarn is a definite plus.  You don’t have to worry much about the tights becoming loose and baggy over time.  The slight sheen effect and the airy feel makes Naked 8 tights ideal for summer evening activities.

       One issue I have had with ultra-sheer tights (<10 den) is that they have a relative short life span.  Despite being high quality hosiery maker, Wolford is without exception.  I have tried Aura 5 (discontinued), Naked 8, Luxe 9, Transparency 10, Individual 10 & Pure 10.  All but the Individual 10 snag on the first occasion, and worn with just a few tries*.  Until there is innovative way to increase durability, I would suggest go for higher denier or find cheaper alternatives, unless you really need the extra high quality and elastic yarn.

       You can purchase Naked 8 tights for £17 or €19, Stay-Ups are also available.

Wolford Online Shop (U.K.)

*Pure 10 is prone to tiny snags, but is generally more durable than the other ultra-sheer counterparts.


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