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Review: Wolford Comfort Cut 40 Tights (Updated: 06/11/16)

       Couple years ago, Wolford introduced Pure 50 tights.  It features glued seam technology and a special developed yarn, which brought the comfort of tights to a whole new level.  Early this month, Wolford released a product that incorporates their newest technology – an “adjustable” waistband.  How does it measure?  Swipe down to find out.


  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Waistband size can be extended
  • Quite stretchy
  • Prone to snag

First look & packaging

       The packaging has been the same.  One small addition is the square barcode on the top lefthand corner of the rear cover that encourages customers to join My Wolford (used to be on the separate thin cardboard only).  Inside the packaging, Wolford has included a detailed instruction on the separate cardboard (with illustrations) so as to facilitate their customers to take the full advantage of the tights.


Appearance & texture

       Comfort Cut 40 tights has a semi-transparent (40 denier) and matte finish.  The main feature of the tights is that it allows you to adjust the size of the waistband to your preference.  Specifically, there are 4 areas where you can scissor through (image shown below).  It is said that with each cut, you can increase the waistband by half a size.  The cut is irreversible, hence think carefully before you proceed.  In addition, the waistband is 6m wide.

Take a look in this promotional video:

(Source: Wolford Youtube)

       Despite having a slight different composition (87% nylon and 13% elastane), Comfort Cut 40 tights have a very similar texture to that of Wolford Pure 50 tights.  It has a very soft and comfortable feel, to a level that is at least on a par with if not, exceed that of Pure 50 tights.


Size range

       The size ranges from XS to XL.  I have included the size chart below.  I have chosen size S in this review.



       There are 5 shades resembling the cozy autumn.  Their colours palettes are give below.  Anthracite is used in this review (first from the right).


(Source: Wolford comfort Cut 40 Tights)


       First of all, the tights are extremely comfortable to wear.  Perhaps due to slightly lower denier, it gives me a lighter, breathable feel than the Pure 50 tights do.  It is also quite stretchy, but prone to snag.  Specifically, any rough materials (e.g., skin, nail or even pilling from fabrics) can cause snag.  However, these snags are relatively tiny and is not prominent in a semi-transparent nature.  I have attached an image for reference.  In addition, it does not develop pilling as easily as Pure 50.

       There is strong tension on the 4 points of the waistband, thereby making the waistband really tight (my waist is 29”).  I tried it on for couple days before I decided to make the cut.

What effect will it have if only one side is cut?

The first feel is the instant release of tension on the side where the cut was made.  Hence yes, you will notice the imbalance.

Will the cut area leaves marks?

It will leave marks on the skin if the waistband is still too tight for your waist.  In addition, marks of cut area may be apparent if paired with tight-fitting clothing.

Can you use it as a “Shape & Control”?

Yes, but as the tension only applies on the waist, and focuses on 4 areas only, I guess the effect will be very limited.


Above: a snag probably due to abrasion with pilling on dress.  As you can see, it caused disruption on the surrounding knitting but did not generate a hole.

       I have also made a quick comparison of the thickness between Comfort Cut 40 (anthracite) and Pure 50 (Black).  It is apparent that they have similar texture, but Comfort Cut 40 is slightly more transparent.


My verdict

       It was not until having it on that I realised why Wolford decided to make adjustable waistband.  Having a 29” waist, the size of Wolford waistband has never been an issue for me.  However, women generally have slimmer waist than men, therefore what I feel fine may be too loose for women (and vice versa).  Therefore, it is great to see Wolford bring this into attention and provides a work-around.

       Since Pure 50, Wolford has been using a specially developed yarn in a variety of products of various denier.  It has a quality of exceptional softness and comfort.  Since the appearance made by the yarn resembles to that of the Wolford Individual range, I am seeing a gradual replacement of such by Pure range, or to be more specific, the special developed yarn.  The opaque Pure 50 and the sheer Pure 10 tights are already out on the market.  Comfort Cut 40 tights partially covers the semi-transparent spectrum and Pure 30 Complete Leg Support tights is scheduled to arrive in December.  If Wolford continues to introduce 15-30 denier tights and those with shape & control feature, that would complete the whole range.  My only concern with regard to the specially developed yarn is its proneness to snag.  They are not prominent, but very annoying.  This is why I am so eager to try the Pure 30 Complete Leg Support tights, as shape & control tights has always been the most resilient of all when it comes to scratches.  It would be interesting to see how Wolford can maintain this “tradition”.

       Comfort Cut 40 tights and Pure 50 tights have their own unique feature but shares the exceptional comfortable feel.  They are price £35 and £34 respectively.  If you need the invisible seam, definitely go for Pure 50 tights.  If you have trouble with Wolford waistband size in the past, or you simply wanted the extra breathability, feel free to give Comfort Cut 40 tights a go.

Wolford Online Shop (U.K.)

You can also find my review of Wolford Pure 50 tights here.


Wolford has released a short clip for the tights.  I have attached  on the Appearance & Texture section.  (06/11/16)

Fixed missing images and pricing.  (06/10/16)


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