Review: Gerbe Pied de Poule Tights

       I had a chance to visit one of the Gerbe boutiques in Taiwan during my summer break, chatted with the sales assistant and picked up a pair of tights while I was there.  They are not new, made in late 2012 in fact.  However, houndstooth checks are a frequent visitor in fashion, hence you never know…


  • Large sail-like pattern from feet to waist.
  • True to size fitting.
  • Some people may find the knitting itchy.

First look & packaging

       Like all other Gerbe products, tights are solidly packaged using double-folding cardboard and plastic sleeve.  Again, I found some edges of the cardboard are a bit rough and there are debris scattered on the tights.


Appearance & texture

       Pied de Poule tights are trend collections introduced several years ago.  They are characterised by a pattern I describe as similar to the sail of a windmill.  The pattern comes in two densities: a semi-transparent and opaque, which are interweaved on a sheer background, thereby forming houndstooth checks.  In addition, the size of the pattern gradually increases from the feet to the waist.  The waistband is approximately 4.5cm wide.  The toe part is plain and has a sheer appearance.  I noticed that Gerbe used a different knitting around the inner side of the big toe, where the seam ends.  I am not sure if this is simply a finish, or serves a particular function.

The composition is 92% polyamide, 7% elastane and 1% silk.


Size range

       There are 5 sizes to choose from.  I have attached the size chart.  The pair used in this review is size 3.



       Two colours are available online: Bruyère and Noir.  There is a slight chance to find other colours in retail stores.  I have chosen Noir for this review.


(Source: Gerbe Pied de Poule Tights)


       The fitting was much better than the Ethnic Colours Tights I had last time.  Size 3 is designed to accommodate a height between 160cm and 178cm (weight-associated).  Although a broad range, its relative stretchiness ensured better fitting while allow room for micro-adjustments.  For example, I can have a low waistband or pull it all the way to the waist.

       Somehow the patterns doesn’t seem to standout on my legs.  It does look more appealing when I pull the hose right to the upper thigh, thereby stretching the hose further.  The patterns may standout the most if the tights are fully stretched.  One other explanation is perhaps the colour, or the combination of colours with cloths and accessories.  I only have black-coloured Fatal Dress and they didn’t go well together, but the dark red and gold appears to be fine on the front cover.

       I can feel the different density of the patterns, especially during walking.  Because of the way the patterns are knitted (different density), some people may find it itchy.



       Having a right size does give a better wearing experience.  Although they didn’t standout on my legs, it may do so on yours.

       There has been several reemergence of houndstooth checks in fashion, with the most recent being FW16/17 pre-collection from Chanel and FW16/17 collection from Salvatore Ferragamo.  Certainly, it will not be the last.  You can pick up these at the Gerbe online shop for just €18.90.

Gerbe Online Shop

You will also find my Gerbe Ethnic Colours Tights review here.

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