Review: Wolford Sheer 15 Tights (Updated: 20/04/18)

       In this review, I would like to share with you one of Wolford’s basic essentials in the sheer range, the Sheer 15 tights.



  • Simple, elegant and comfortable to wear.
  • Sheer, matte with very subtle shimmer makes it suitable for every occasion.
  • Moderately stretchy.

Appearance & texture

       Sheer 15 are sheer to waist tights.  It has a very similar knitting pattern to that of Wolford Satin Touch 20, but in a matte appearance.  Having said that, Sheer 15 tights does exhibit a very subtle shimmer at certain angles when exposed to a strong light source (e.g., sunlight).  The waistband is 3cm wide and the toe is not reinforced.

       The composition is 80% nylon and 20% elastane.


Size range

       Being one of the basic essentials, Sheer 15 is available in all sizes.  The pair reviewed in this article is Size S.



       At the time of writing this review, there are a total of 14 colours to choose from.  I have chosen Black for this particular review.


(Source: Wolford Sheer 15 Tights)


       Sheer 15 tights are easy to put on and comfortable to wear.  Generally speaking, they are matte, but do show a very subtle shimmer at certain angles when exposed to a strong light source, sunlight for example.  This feature distinguishes Sheer 15 from other Wolford sheer basic essentials like Satin Touch 20 (glossy) and Individual sheer range (totally matte).  Such feature combined with sheer appearance gives a simple, elegant image and is suitable for every occasion.

       These tights are moderately stretchy, and extended to their full length when I put them on.  This is what I would expect since I am at the very right side of the Size S spectrum.



       It was actually Wolford Sheer 15 tights that brought me into high quality tights 16 years ago.  Little has changed over the years for this long standing product.  I do wonder however, the position of Sheer 15 in the future.  There has been a trend for ultra sheer (less than 10 denier) for a lighter, breathable and airy feel.  There are the Nude 8, Naked 8, the Luxe 9 range, and the discontinued Aura 5 within Wolford, and many more from other manufactures.  More recently, focus seems to have moved to develop more soft and comfortable yarns, as well as other technologies for better comfort.  Both Wolford Pure 10 and the coming Comfort Cut 40 are a good example.  For now, it is the price that separates the basic essentials from the innovative tights.  But will they continue using this as a marketing strategy or would they gradually replace/transform basic essentials by adopting some or all of the innovations?  Well.. we will just have to see.

You can get Sheer 15 tights for €19 or £19, knee-highs are also available.

Wolford Online Shop (English)


  • Price change.  (20/04/18)

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