Wolford updates its Shape & Control collection with two new additions (Updated: 16/10/16)

       The Bregenz-based company has just added two new tights to their Shape & Control range.

       The Velvet 66 Leg Support Tights is based on the Wolford’s popular Velvet 66 tights but holds more.  It is the first pair in the Company to have shape & control function in the upper denier (60 and above).  In addition to the wide waistband, the tights features integrated heel and special coating technology for high durability.

       The colour comprises eight elegant shades – nightshade, graphite, midnight, mocha, anthracite, admiral, nearly black and black.

       Velvet 66 Leg Support tights are available in stores and online.

14553 Velvet 66 Leg Support Tights

       The second is Pure 30 Complete Support Tights (pictured below).  Such pair combines the great features of Pure 50: very comfortable to the skin and adhesive seam (which is invisible even under close-fitting attire) with full shape & control function.  They will be available in the coming December.

14558 Pure 30 Complete Support Tights

Source: Wolford AG Press

The New VELVET 66 Leg Support Tights Have Arrived

PURE 30 Complete Support Tights – Shape & Control


You can find my detailed review of Velvet 66 Leg Support Tights here.  (16/10/16)

15 replies on “Wolford updates its Shape & Control collection with two new additions (Updated: 16/10/16)”

Would be interested to hear your thoughts on the Pure 30 support model, which is rated “strong”. Can’t really feel any support myself!!


Pure Energy 30 leg vitalizer…. Is there a different model? Rated strong as far as support, but can’t really feel that.


I am sorry to hear that it didn’t function as well as it intended to be. I had two pairs of Pure Energy 30 leg vitalizer few years ago. Both were unknowingly bought one size larger, hence the support are somewhat compromised. I would have received better shaping and control if I had the right size.

Just to clarify, we were talking two different products. The one I mentioned earlier is scheduled to hit the shelves this month. It exerts support on legs, thigh, bottom, hips and tummy. “Pure Energy 30 leg vitalizer” on the other hand, is an existing product that focuses on legs and thigh only. Is this what you opted for?


Yes, I have the pure energy 30 leg vitalizer, which is marked as strong in their ratings. Can’t feel it! Let Wolford know about my disappointment but they kicked me away


Contacted the web support by email. Since it was purchased in a retail store where I no longer live, they kind of told me that they couldn’t do anything . Poor customer service
Other brands? I face length issues…


Even if the original retail store offer exchange/refund, the hassle of going through the process would probably weigh more than the price per se.

I am still curious as to why it didn’t fit you. Would you be willing to share your bio details and size you bought to my email: I might be able to give you some suggestions. Allan


It’s not that they don’t fit me. They are actually nice to wear. Just don’t feel any real compression


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