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Review: Wolford Comfort Cut 40 Tights (Revised: 26/08/17)

       Couple years ago, Wolford introduced Pure 50 tights.  It features innovative glued seam and a specially developed exquisitely soft & smooth yarn.   Together these features brought the comfort of Wolford tights to a whole new level.  Early this month, Wolford released a product that incorporates their newest innovation – a waistband that can increase in size.  What exactly does that mean?  Let’s find out. Continue reading “Review: Wolford Comfort Cut 40 Tights (Revised: 26/08/17)”

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Wolford talks about technological innovation and future of the brand

       Few hours ago, Selfridges London invited Wolford’s Creative Director Grit Seymour and Director of Development Andreas Rohrich to talk about technological innovation and the future of the brand.  I have jotted down a few notes which you may find it interesting… Continue reading “Wolford talks about technological innovation and future of the brand”

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Review: Gerbe Pied de Poule Tights

       I had a chance to visit one of the Gerbe boutiques in Taiwan during my summer break, chatted with the sales assistant and picked up a pair of tights while I was there.  They are not new, made in late 2012 in fact.  However, houndstooth checks are a frequent visitor in fashion, hence you never know… Continue reading “Review: Gerbe Pied de Poule Tights”

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Review: Philippe Matignon Nudité Solaire Tights

       I did not know a lot about other brands except Wolford when I first started this blog, so I asked my friend who is also a tight lover, for recommendations.  One of the brands she replied is Philippe Matignon.  Recently, UK Tights added this brand into their stock, hence I decided to give it a go… Continue reading “Review: Philippe Matignon Nudité Solaire Tights”

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Tights with wicking properties by Wolford (Updated: 29/10/16)

       Wicking materials has been widely used in sports wear as an inner layer.  Moisture on the skin is drawn away to the material via capillary action and subsequently evaporate, leaving the wearer a comfortable dry feel.  Wolford has utilised this technology into their leg wear collection.  The Satin Opaque Nature Tights are made from a special type of yarn of which, not only resembles the feeling of silk but also draws moisture better than cotton, therefore delivers an incomparably soft and pleasantly dry feel. Continue reading “Tights with wicking properties by Wolford (Updated: 29/10/16)”


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Review: Falke Shelina 12 Tights

       Finally, the Spring has arrived and Autumn if you are in the north hemisphere.  It is now the best time to take those tights out of the draw and give them a wash, because there is never a better season to wear them than Spring/Autumn.  If you are thinking of looking something new, why not take a bit of time and see if these tights suit you. Continue reading “Review: Falke Shelina 12 Tights”