Luxury-Legs at your hands (updated: 25/09/16)

       Luxury-Legs, a U.K.-based online retailer, just introduced a mobile App.  This means you can now browse products (offline browsing possible), receive the latest news (through notifications) and shop via your handheld devices.  There is only one small hurdle though, it is currently available for IOS only and you can only download from the iTunes U.K. Store.  However, it only took me 2 minutes to set up a new Apple ID, and you get 10% off for your first app order by using the code: APP10… certainly worth the effort.  Scroll down for more pictures.

Source: iTunes Store (U.K.) Luxury-Legs App

App icon:

LL app 01

Icon at top lefthand corner gives you the option to browse by type or brand:


More information via the icon at right bottom corner:

LL app 04


       I tried to use the app to make a purchase but realised that it needs to go through Paypal.  If you don’t have a Paypal account, it will force you to create one.  There are also minor glitches regarding the app, e.g., tap on the feature brand in the main page sometimes link to other brand instead.  Surely they will fine tune the app in the next release.  (25/09/16)

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