Review: Footer Deodorant Socks

       Ever been in a situation where you had a lavish dinner feast and you feel your stomach still working in the following morning?  That is exactly what I have run into.  I had a lovely time in Taiwan, replenish a variety of attire and hosiery, but I didn’t really have the time and space to review them.  Now that I am back home, I would like to first conclude my summer break series with the final review being deodorant socks made by Footer.

       Footer is one of many local companies making deodorant socks.  They are relatively young, only founded in 2013, but gained popularity in great pace.  I accidentally bumped into one of their retail stand whilst in Taipei, and bought three pairs simply as a result of curiosity.


  • Breathable, moisture-absorbable cotton socks which are comfortable to wear.
  • Wide range of colour and pattern to suit each individual’s style and need.
  • Unpleasant smell present but very mild after prolonged use.

First look & packaging

       Their packaging is plain and simple: A pair of cotton socks half encircled with a piece of thin cardboard, fixed together by a plastic staple.  On the back of the cardboard, there is a QR code at the bottom right corner.  It will take you to Footer’s official website if you scan it.  None of Footer’s socks are wrapped with transparent plastic sleeve, therefore costumers can get a feel of the texture while shopping.

Appearance & texture

       Footer makes a variety of socks for men, women and children.  These socks vary among type (e.g., crew socks, ankle socks, sneaker socks & footlets), function, thickness (to accommodate hot/cold season), colour and pattern.  For example, the pairs I chose are: thin, sneaker socks with geometric pattern and two ankle socks, one particularly thick suitable for the cold days and one with special treatment at the sole to serve as cushion.

Footer Deodorant Socks 03

The composition is 75% cotton with antibacterial properties and 25% elastane.

Size range

       Different types of socks have different size references.  For example, the light compression socks only has one size covering 22-27cm, the Fashion & Function one has size L (22-27cm) and XL (27-29cm).


       There are ample of colours to choose from.  I have included an example for one particular pair I have bought.  For the complete range, feel free to browse their website via the link at the very bottom of the blog.

Footer Deodorant Socks 04

(Source: Footer offical website)


       Like any other cotton socks, they are breathable, able to absorb moisture and comfortable to wear.  Moreover, the wide range of colours and patterns provide customers more option to suit their style and needs.

       I have wore them a few short periods (couple of hours in each occasion) and long periods (i.e., a whole day) before they go into the washing machine.  In each occasion, unpleasant smell is present buy very mild.

       In general, these socks gradually loose their deodorant property with each wash cycle.  I have yet to test to see how long will the property last.  Just want to mention that the Snug deodorant socks I reviewed earlier provides instructions for restoring deodorant property.  Footer on the other hand, does not have any relevant description.

Footer Deodorant Socks 05Footer Deodorant Socks 06Footer Deodorant Socks 07Footer Deodorant Socks 08


       So far, Footer’s socks met my expectations of minimising unpleasant odour from foot and shoes.  Their wide range of selections and patterns do attract me more than those made by Snug I reviewed earlier.  However, I have yet to fully experience Footer’s deodorant property.

       Different types of Footer’s socks are priced differently.  However, if you buy them in groups (see below) you can get a special price*:

  • 3 pairs: $585 ($195 each)
  • 6 pairs: $1080 ($180 each)
  • 10 pairs: $1690 ($169 each)
  • 16 pairs: $2640 ($165 each)
  • 30 pairs: $4800 ($160 each)

Footer only delivers to nearby Asian countries and cities for now, but do speak to one of their sales representatives if you are really interested.

Footer offical website (Mandarin only)

* Price are displayed in New Taiwan Dollars (NTD).  £1 GBP = $41.67 NTD (27/08/16).

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