Review: Wolford Luxe 9 Knee-Highs (Updated: 20/04/18)

       “I tried on a pair of knee-highs, and because I was so little, I rolled up the pair to the very top of the thigh and they became stocking.”

       That is my first contact with women’s hosiery.   Although I haven’t touched knee-highs since, I have always wondered how knee-highs would look like on me.  Therefore, in this third review of my Summer Break Review Series, I would like to share with you my thought on Luxe 9 Knee-highs I bought recently.


  • Ultra transparent and matte appearance.
  • Gently “sits” on your calf with an airy feel.
  • Elasticity level is slight.
  • Wide, comfortable and very elastic band.

First look & packaging

The packaging is very similar to that of tights.  You can visit my previous blog: Wolford Nude 8 Tights Review for details.

Appearance & texture

       Luxe 9 Knee-highs have an ultra transparent appearance.  Despite being matte, it does give a slight shimmering when viewed from certain angles.  When gently laid on a flat surface, the knee high measures 33cm from ankle to opening.  The band is opaque and matte.  It measures 10cm in length and 5cm wide.  The toes are not reinforced, therefore ideal with sandals or open-toe shoes.

Wolford Luxe 9 KH 05

(Source: Wolford Luxe 9 Knee-Highs)

       The knee-highs have a texture very similar to that of Nude 8 and Transparency 10.  They all demonstrate a silky feel and are all very delicate.  Luxe 9 knee-highs are made from 100% nylon.  According to Wolford, elasticity is achieved by using a special stretch yarn.

Wolford Luxe 9 KH 06Wolford Luxe 9 KH 07

Size range

       There are two sizes to choose from: size S and M.  They correspond to the size of the shoe you are wearing.  I have included a size chart below.

Wolford Luxe 9 KH 08


       There are 7 colours to choose from.  Six of them are nude colours: Caramel, Honey, Cosmetic, Gobi, Sand, Fairly Light and the remaining being Black.

Wolford Luxe 9 KH 09

(Source: Wolford Luxe 9 Knee-Highs)


       My first impression is “how transparent they are!”  You don’t have to worry about the nail decor you recently put on because they will show.  The slight shimmering presents a more dynamic look.

       Being ultra transparent and not so elastic, the knee-highs “sit” gently on your skin than hold on your calf.  It gives a breeze sensation when the knee-high caresses your skin with each step.

       I find the level of elasticity to be slight to mild.  For example, if I twist my ankle inwards, the knee-high around the inner side of the ankle becomes very baggy.  The only exception is the band, which is actually very elastic.  In fact, I have to pull the band all the way to just under the back of the knee to prevent it from squeezing my calf (the circumference is 34.5cm at its wildest point) and creating an image unpleasant to the eye.

Wolford Luxe 9 KH 10Wolford Luxe 9 KH 11Wolford Luxe 9 KH 12Wolford Luxe 9 KH 13


       Personally speaking, it is a great companion to have during summer.  You can pair anything from long dresses to skirts without worrying about perspiration and still look great!  For me, it does bring up a lot of memories.

      Luxe 9 knee-highs are available for €13 or £13.  The range also comes in tights, toeless tights and control top tights.  All of which are available now.

Wolford Online Shop (English)


  • Price change.  (20/04/18)

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