Review: Snug Deodorant Ankle Socks

       Incorporating high-tech elements into apparel and hosiery has become very common in our lives.  These element include temperature regulating properties and deodorant feature.  Being a individual with feet constantly perspiring, I rely heavily on deodorant socks to mitigate unpleasant smell.  Hence, in the second review of my Summer Break Review Series, I would like to look into a deodorant socks I have been wearing for years.


  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Restorable deodorant property.
  • Durable, loosen very slightly even after prolonged wear.
  • Can be slippery when walking on polished surfaces.

First look & packaging

       The socks lies within a tri-fold thin cardboard, which is wrapped in plastic sleeve. Product description is on the back of the cardboard.

Deodorant Socks 01

Appearance & texture

      The socks has a medium thickness and opaque finish. For size 25-27cm (see Size Range for details), the length from the toe to the heel is approximately 22cm long; the band measures 8.1cm on one side and is 3cm wide.

Deodorant Socks 02Deodorant Socks 03Deodorant Socks 04

The texture feels very much like cotton but finer.

Deodorant Socks 06

       The composition is 61% cotton, 22% modal, 10% elastane and 7% Cellulose acetate. The latter is perhaps the key ingredient for mitigating unpleasant odour.

Size range & Colour

       Snug ankle socks comes in three sizes: 20-22cm, 22-24cm and 25-27cm. The numbers correspond to the length of the feet from tip of the toe to the heel. For example, my feet is 25.5cm long, hence I wear 25-27cm ones. In addition, there are three colours to choose from: black, grey and ivory. I usually buys the former two and wear them for work.

Deodorant Socks 05


       There socks are very comfortable to wear. My feet is 25.5cm long and size 25-27cm does provide extra bits of space for my feet. There are no sock marks on my feet or calf after wearing them all day (the circumference of my lower calf is 20cm). In addition, the medium thickness means I can wear them both hot and cold days without causing trouble. Of note though, because of the fine texture, it can be slippery to walk, especially on polished surfaces.

       The deodorant property is really awesome! I wore them all day and there is not a scent of unpleasant odour. The property lasts for 5-10 wash cycles before it gradually loose its effect (about 15-20 wash cycles). The description does mention that the property can be restored by soaking the socks in a 3L water+40ml vinegar solution for a while. However, I have not yet tried.

       Despite being medium thickness, the socks are especially durable. I wear them in contemporary dance classes where sliding is a common move, but they last quite a while before worn. From my past experience, the opening and the socks per se only slightly loosen even after one year of wearing (approx. 50 wash cycles).

Deodorant Socks 08Deodorant Socks 07Deodorant Socks 09


       I have been wearing Snug deodorant socks for few years now. The reason I keep wearing their product is because not only they works, but also durable, comfortable to wear. If there is something they can work on, I would say to expand their colour range and to include patterns.

       In addition to ankle socks, Snug also make a variety of deodorant socks, including crew socks, sneaker socks, footlets and toe socks for both men and women. You can purchase online from their website provided below. If you are living abroad and want to buy their products, you could make your order online, and pay via Paypal (their staff will calculate the delivery costs for you). Mind that their website is not English-friendly. If you are interested buying and you can’t read Mandarin, you may have ask your Mandarin speaking friends for help.

Snug Official Website (Mandarin only)

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