Review: Gran’s Remedy Cooling Foot Powder (Updated: 18/08/16)

       Hi everyone, I am sorry for the delay.  My partner and I are taking a break.  We have been travelling to our birth place, visiting friends and relatives in the past few days.

       Situated in the subtropical region, temperatures in Taiwan has been soaring, reaching close to 40°C during sunny afternoon.  In this hot and humid environment, my body perspire even just sit on the sofa doing nothing.   This is especially the case for my feet, which are wet whenever I am awake.  Looking at the bright side, I don’t need to apply cream during winter, but they get really smelly during summer.  Since we will be staying here for the next couple of weeks, I’d like to take this opportunity to review some of the products widely used here.  The first being a foot powder that treats the problem of smelly feet or foot odour.  It was recommended by one of my close relative, who asked my to bring half a dozen of pottle for him.  Does it work?  We are about to find out.


  • Unpleasant smell of feet and shoes mitigated significantly.
  • Feet perspires less than normal conditions.
  • Powder remains on socks and shoes.
  • Plenty of powder for second round (updated 08/08/16).
  • Drier skin after prolonged use (updated 08/08/16).

First look & packaging

       The Gran’s Remedy Foot Powder has been manufactured by Gran’s Remedy Company in New Zealand since 1982.  They offer three choices: Gran’s Remedy Original, Cooling and Scented.  The latter two being a slight variant of the Original.  I bought the cooling one, which has an appearance of fine, white powder with a scent of peppermint.  The approximate 50g of powder is contained in a small plastic pottle.  There is a mezzanine inside the pottle where the spoon is kept.

Grans Remedy 01Grans Remedy 02Grans Remedy 03

(Source: Gran’s International Limited)

Ingredients & Application

I have done a bit of research for each ingredient and their properties listed below:

  • Talc: as a lubricant and/or astringent;
  • Zinc oxide: deodourising and antibacterial properties;
  • Zinc undecylenate: antifungal properties;
  • Silicon dioxide: ability to absorbs water;
  • Peppermint oil: aroma & natural pesticide;
  • Manuka oil: potent natural anti-fungal and antibacterial agent;
  • Kawakawa: anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

       The application is simple: one spoon of powder into each shoe (the shoes you will be wearing most of the time on that day) for seven consecutive days.  According to the product description, it should give up to six months’s protection.

       In this experiment, I wore the same pair of shoes whenever I go out, for a period of seven consecutive days.  I pour one spoon of powder into each shoe before wearing.  In addition, I change my socks everyday (but wear the same pair of socks per day).

Grans Remedy 04Grans Remedy 05


       The unbearable smell of my feet and shoes significantly mitigated through the seven-day treatment.  The effect was gradual.  I also noticed that the perspiration of my feet was slightly less than pre-application.

       In my own opinion, the scent of peppermint was pleasant however the cooling effect was insignificant.  In addition, due to the powder being very fine, I highly suggest avoid applying them in a windy environment, and perhaps hold your breath when you are pouring the powder.

       The powder remained on the socks and on my feet, which doesn’t look nice when I took my shoes off.   If you are living in a culture or work in an environment that requires you to take your shoes off frequently, I would suggest wearing white colour socks.

I have detailed my experiences on a daily basis below:

Day 1: Took the long haul flight (approx. 19 hours from door-to-door).  I did take my shoes off during flight.  In the end, it was still very smelly but slightly less bad than before.

Day 2: I added slightly more powder into each shoe; only wore about two hours in the hot and humid afternoon (around 35°C).

Day 3: Wore for 6 hours and walked close to 7000 steps in a usual hot sunny day.  My feet perspire less than the fist couple day and shoes not as smelly when I took them off.

Day 4: Went out to visit friends from 9:30am to 6p.m.  Had taken off my shoes for about 1.5 hour around noon.  Feel more or less the same as day 3.

Day 5: Went out to see friends from 2:30p.m. and arrive home around 11:00p.m.  Took shoes off two time during the period (for 1.5 and 2 hours respectively).  The smell of both my feet and shoes wasn’t bad at all.

Day 6: Did not go outside, hence barefoot all day.

Day 7: Wore for 3 hours in the afternoon and about an hour in the evening.  The unpleasant odour of the foot and shoes was slight.


       Although I have been living in New Zealand for many years, I didn’t know about the product until my relative mentioned, hence a big thank you to him.

       The stable hot and humid weather provided a perfect environment for testing.  Though I missed out one day of the scheduled phase, the unbearable odour of my feet and shoes mitigated significantly.  The result then raises further questions…  How long will the effect last?  If I extend the phase by using up all the powder, will the effect last longer?  What happens when feet & shoes get wet in a rainy day?  Would the effect double if I wear socks with deodorant feature?  Surely I do not have the answers now, but I am sure the answers will reveal as time progresses.

       You can find Gran’s Remedy Foot Powder online for a recommended retail price of NZD$24.  If you are purchasing in Europe, the U.K., Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan, you have to do so via their local distributors.  For more information, please check their  website:

Gran’s International Limited


       I have only used close to half of the amount following 10 consecutive days of usage.  This leaves me enough amount to use it with another pair of shoes or as a second round application.  (05/08/16)

       Following 10 days of application, I have been wearing shoes without the powder for two days and result was impressive.  I walked more than 8km under the scorching sun each day and the smell was only slight.  (08/08/16)

       I noticed that the skin of my feet is dry to the extent that the it becomes rough.  I have to use a feet scrub to scratch off the dead skin and apply lotion.  My guess is that the talc is doing its job.  (08/08/16)

       The unpleasant odour began to show just 10 days after I stopped using it.  Mind I have been wearing the same pair of shoes everyday and doing a lot of walking.  If I swap  shoes on a daily basis, I am sure it will last longer.  (18/08/16)

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