Review: Levante Class Tights (Updated: 26/07/16)

       They say “if you do the same thing again and again for 21 days, it will become a habit”.  Whether it is exactly three weeks, I don’t know.  But I have ordered another stockpile of hosiery, and they are on their way as I wrote.

       Levante is an Italian based company who offers a wide range of products including hosiery, lingerie, ready-to-wear for women, socks & underclothes for men and socks for girls.  They have positioned themselves at the upper end of the market and they have 5,000+ point of sale around the globe.  Today we are going to look at one of Levante’s basic essentials: the Class Regular tights, which is distributed exclusively in Australia & NZ by the Ambra Corporation*.


  • Elegant sheer and glossy finish.
  • Well-fit thanks to genuine size chart and elastane.
  • Semi-sheer panty may not look nice with very short pants or mini-skirts.
  • Susceptible to snag but don’t run.

First look & packaging

       Levante packs their products the other way round: tights encircles a thin piece of cardboard (which keeps the tights in place) and is wrapped in a transparent plastic sleeve.  This is then put into an envelop-like cardboard with labels and descriptions on front and back.

Levnate Class Regular Tights 01

Appearance & texture

       The Class Regular tights has a sheer (12 Denier) and glossy appearance in the hose.    The panty part is made semi-sheer and therefore got its name “boxer brief”.  The toes are reinforced and the waistband is 3cm wide.  There is no label or tag on the waistband or shaped to match the anatomical nature of the leg.  Therefore, I assume you can wear them either way.

       In addition, the 15% elastane provides flexibility to certain extent.

Levnate Class Regular Tights 02Levnate Class Regular Tights 03

Size range

       The size ranges from “Small to “X Tall”.  I have included the size chart for your convenience.

Levnate Class Regular Tights 04


       The colour range of Levante tights are specifically designed to complement all skin tones.  It is divided into three basic colour tones as shown below:

  • Warms are yellow based
  • Cools are blue based
  • Neutrals are red based

Levnate Class Regular Tights 05

(Source: Levante U.K. colour palettes)

       All 11 colours are available for Class Regular tights.  I have chosen “Naturel” for this particular review.


       The legs shines brilliantly under direct light and give a natural, slight shimmering look under ambient lighting.  They are smooth but has a synthetic feel to the skin (neither pleasant nor unpleasant).

       Size “Tall” fits well from panty to toe, not too tight or loose, with no baggies around the knees.  A big applause to Levante for their genuine size chart.

       Due to the semi-sheer panty appearance, you may have to carefully choose your outfit, unless you don’t mind the strange look.  In addition, the hand finish seams on the pair I bought wasn’t pleasant to the eye.  But I guess it only you and your love ones will know that.

Levnate Class Regular Tights 06Levnate Class Regular Tights 08Levnate Class Regular Tights 07

Above: the different appearance between boxer brief (left) and hose (right).


       The Class tights are not the most comfortable tights I have tried but it certainly has a high c/p value.  They are priced $16.99 in New Zealand, but you can find them for just £5.99 (excluding shipping costs), which is incredible value for money.

       During my research, I found an U.K.-based Levante website which goes into details about how to match different Levante products with clothing and shoes.  For example, they recommended skirt/dress paired with heeled/closed or open toe shoes for Class tights.  You can have a quick look in the link provided below.

       Class series also comes with Knee-highs, Control Brief Tights and Sheer to Waist Tights:
Levante Australia & N.Z.
Levante U.K.

*The Branding and packaging is very different to products shown in the Levante Italian website.  I am not sure if this is as a result of having an international distributor or simply a Company marketing strategy.


       The tights was short-lived and ended up in my arts box because I accidentally hit the underside of my desk, which has got rough surface, and resulted in an apparent hole on the knee.  Fortunately, it didn’t run.  One other thing I noticed when I had a closer look is that there were snags in random areas.  However, because it was nude colour, I barely noticed until now.  I have captured an example below: a small rapture, not quite obvious unless viewed on certain angles (mind this was taken at very close range).  (26/07/16)

Levnate Class Regular Tights 09Levnate Class Regular Tights 10

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