Review: Falke Warm Deluxe 80 Thermo Leggings

       My partner is very sensitive to cold.  Although she has improved a lot through diet and regular exercise, she needs an extra layer still, to keep her warm.  This is the reason why I bought these leggings.  A big “thank you” for both of us, or this review wouldn’t exist. Let’s scroll down to see what she has to say about these.


  • Slim-fitting but Stretchy
  • Inner plush layer provides additional warmth
  • Net gusset (Size S – L only)
  • Occasional pilling

First look & packaging

       The packaging is really simple, a rounded cardboard that holds the product together, all of which is then wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve.  The hook at the very top of the cardboard suggests it can be hanged on shelfs, which leaves me to wonder if I can find Falke products at local supermarket shelfs.

Falke Thermo leggings 01

Appearance & texture

       The leggings is opaque and has a matte appearance.  Though it is 80 denier, it feels thicker and warmer because of the extra plush layer.  The length of the hose opening is approximately 9.5cm (when laid flat) and the waistband is 3cm wide.  Rather than a plain piece of fabric, the gusset is  filled with tiny holes. Falke named it the “hygienic net gusset”.  Unfortunately, I do not have the equipment to test whether this is true or not.

Falke Thermo leggings 02Falke Thermo leggings 03Falke Thermo leggings 04Falke Thermo leggings 05

Size range

       The size ranges from S to XL. As there is no specific size chart for leggings, I have included the chart for tights for you as a reference:

Falke Thermo leggings 06

(Source: Fogal Warm Deluxe 80 Thermo Leggings)


       There are currently five colours to choose from: Black, Brenda & Cigar (both are in the brown spectrum), marine and anthracite. All of which are basic colours for the winter season.  If you are looking for bright colours, then I am sorry.


       These leggings are slim-fit: firmly attached to your skin without adding pressure to the legs.  We chose colour black, which made my partner’s legs look even more slim.

       The pair looked short in length at the first glance, but turned out to be perfect fit thanks to its great stretchiness.  My partner and I had a stroll on the streets all afternoon and the leggings didn’t retract or make any discomfort.

       My partner wore cotton dress and a jacket for the upper half, but leggings only for the lower half of the body. She said “her legs were warm”. This was tested on a windy, cloudy, occasional shower afternoon with a temperature of around 12 degree Celsius. Usually she would wear a very thick pants for days like this; and therefore the leggings seems to have worked.  The legging however, pilled at the buttocks, probably due to the friction between the legging and the dress.

       Although I can’t prove whether it is true of false, I am fascinated by the hygienic net gusset.  I think it would be great if this can be applied into sheer tights, of which is popular during summer.

Falke Thermo leggings 07Falke Thermo leggings 08Falke Thermo leggings 09Falke Thermo leggings 10


       I bought the leggings at the full recommended retail price (£27 or €30) but I am glad that the leggings works well for my partner (it tends to let you forget that the price when it works and everyone is happy).

       From my experience, pilling is common for tights/leggings that has a high denier (usually above 40) and knitted in a specific manner.  In most cases, pills can be manually scissored without making significant damage to the product and its appearance.  Personally, I see it as a trade off: you need the extra warmth, you have to take care of the pills. Or, this is what I usually do: I have sheer/semi-sheer tights with leg warmers to keep my ankles and calf warm.  I can take the leg warmers off if I have to, in places I feel sufficiently warm.

       We seem to have a warm winter this year, as the temperature hasn’t really plunged to single digits yet.  I would be interested to see how the leggings performs when the the temperature gets colder.

Tights with the inner plush feature is also available.

Falke Online Shop (U.K.)

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