Review: Levante Class Tights (Updated: 26/07/16)

       They say “if you do the same thing again and again for 21 days, it will become a habit”.  Whether it is exactly three weeks, I don’t know.  But I have ordered another stockpile of hosiery, and they are on their way as I wrote.

       Levante is an Italian based company who offers a wide range of products including hosiery, lingerie, ready-to-wear for women, socks & underclothes for men and socks for girls.  They have positioned themselves at the upper end of the market and they have 5,000+ point of sale around the globe.  Today we are going to look at one of Levante’s basic essentials: the Class Regular tights, which is distributed exclusively in Australia & NZ by the Ambra Corporation*.

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Wolford opens online shop in China

       I was routinely browsing Wolford website to discover that they recently opened an official online shop in China, well, sort of…  Instead of having their own website (as most of their official online shops do), they are selling their products through Taobao, a Chinese equivalent of Amazon.  Frankly speaking, it is kind of weird but understandable given  that China is a large, populated country where laws are not always respected; using a well-established platform can solve lots of issues.  I have provided the link below, see if you like it or not.

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Say hi with your toes: Fogal All Nude Toeless

       Fogal has just added a new product to its All Nude series.  The toeless tights share the same features with its tights counterpart but leaves out the toe section, therefore ideal with peep-toe shoes or sandals.  The 10 denier appearance and the same composition implicates airy feel and great stretchiness.  All Nude Toeless comes in a variety of colours and are available online and in retail stores for a recommended retail price* of SFr. 29.50, €27.12, £22.66 or USD$29.98.

Fogal All Nude Toeless

Source: Fogal online shop: All Nude Toeless

*Price may vary in retail stores.

Review: Falke Warm Deluxe 80 Thermo Leggings

       My partner is very sensitive to cold.  Although she has improved a lot through diet and regular exercise, she needs an extra layer still, to keep her warm.  This is the reason why I bought these leggings.  A big “thank you” for both of us, or this review wouldn’t exist. Let’s scroll down to see what she has to say about these.

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Review: Wolford Stardust Leggings

       When I first saw the press release, I thought “that looks like the shiny pair of tights I purchased back in the early 2000’s”.  Although I have forgotten the name of the product (not the Versailles tights for those wondering), both looked very much alike, and was targeted especially for holiday season.  Given that I have tried the previous one, I am eager to see how these leggings perform, so here we go. Continue reading “Review: Wolford Stardust Leggings”