Review: Fogal Catwalk Tights (Updated: 11/12/16)

       It is good to be back with Fogal.  I had a pair of All Nude Tights just before I started this blog, and though it didn’t last long, the quality and comfort left me with very positive impression.  Therefore, it is my pleasure to share with you my first Fogal review: the Catwalk Tights.


  • Comfortable to the skin.
  • Ultra sheer and matte looking makes it almost invisible to the eye.
  • Very stretchy thanks to high elastane composition.
  • Two zigzagged seam on inner back side of waistband to help identify front and back.

First look & packaging

       The packaging is very similar to that of Wolford: tights wrap around a single piece of cardboard, which are then protected by a tri-fold cardboard and a plastic sealing bag.  One noticeable difference is that Fogal has made an oval-shaped hole on the back of the the tri-fold cardboard, thereby the colour and texture of the product can be better viewed.   The product information are provided on the rear of the cardboard.  Overall, I find Fogal’s packaging plain but elegant and sufficient.

Fogal Catwalk 01

Appearance & texture

       Catwalk tights comes in an ultra sheer (10 Denier) and matte appearance.  Unlike Fogal All Nude tights, it does not have the slight sheen, which is visible under direct sunlight.  The foot part of the pantyhose is clearly shaped and the toes are reinforced.  The waistband is 2.3cm wide.  If you turn the opening inside-out,  you can see how the waistband and the panty are sewn together.  In addition, there is no tag or description on the inner back side of the waistband.  The only distinguishable feature to separate between front and back is the two zigzagged seam on the inner back side of the waistband.

       The tights are comprised of 60% nylon and 40% elastane.  This gives the tights a comfortable feel and great stretchiness.

Fogal Catwalk 03Fogal Catwalk 04

Size range

       Fogal uses an unique system for sizing.  In addition to the basic Small, Medium and Large size, there are M EXTRA and L EXTRA.  The EXTRA sizes have the same length (i.e., height range) as their counterparts but provide more room around the bottom and hips.

Fogal Catwalk 05


       There are a total of 13 colours made available for you.  Specifically, they are (from left to right): Charme, Blossom, Plage, Capri, Taupe, Faubourg, Brasil, Blanc, Flanelle, Gris, Noir, Granit and Midnight.

Fogal Catwalk 06

(Source: Fogal Catwalk Tights)


       Firstly, it is reasonably comfortable to the skin.  Of course I have had tights even more smooth than this but I would say this is sufficient for everyday use.  The narrow waistband doesn’t cause any disturbance for myself but I would prefer a wider one.

       I deliberately chose a slightly darker nude colour to my skin tone, hence my legs looked more yellowish than usual.  If I had chose “Blossom” a colour closer to my skin tone, the tights would become almost invisible.

       Usually there is a tag or a description on the inner back part of the waistband to help consumers differentiate the front side from the back.  But the tights I purchased doesn’t have one.  The most perceivable difference is that the rear inner side has two zigzagged seams, while the front inner side has none.  In addition, the tights underwent the “Boarding” process to create the shape of the foot during production.  Hence you can roughly see where the toes and the heels are.  Still, I wish there is a clear mark to minimise confusion.

       I bought size M All Nude tights last time and it was a well-fit.  The Catwalk with the same size however, felt a couple centimetres short.  From close shot, you can see that the yarns are fully stretched, and I can feel that the panty part is being pulled down from the waist as I move.  Having said that, it clearly demonstrates how stretchy these tights are.

       I was caught in a surprise when my All Nude tights got a run with its first snag.  I don’t know how Catwalk will perform.  It appears to use a different knitting method and is described as “highly resilient due to the high twist yarn”.  I will update should it retires unexpectedly.

Fogal Catwalk 07Fogal Catwalk 08Fogal Catwalk 09Fogal Catwalk 10


       Fogal has several products in its sheer collection, each with its own characteristics.  Catwalk tights is especially suitable for people who just want to have a second skin and nothing else, like the models on the catwalk: the focus is on what they wear, not the model per se.  However, for a recommended retail price of £25.50 per pair, it places itself on the higher end of the price spectrum.  Would I recommend it?  Yes (in a neutral position).

       You can purchase Catwalk tights online or in retails shops.  Catwalk is also available in stay-ups and knee-highs.

Fogal Online Shop: Catwalk Tights


The description regarding sizing has been revised (11/12/16).

The tights snagged at the sole, creating a 3mm-wide hole about a month ago, but didn’t ladder.  Since it doesn’t affect the overall appearance, I am still wearing it (11/12/16).

The description in the online shop was wrongly pasted (25/Jun/16).

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