Review: Wolford Adelia Tights (Updated: 06/10/16)

       I actually don’t know why I have bought this in the first place.  My mind was shifting between Blair Tights and Adelia Tights, both of them are on special price at that time.  Ultimately, it was the latter that won the day.  Having tried it on recently, I realised that it was actually a good choice, and I can tell you why…


  • Open-knit provides balance between warmth and breathability.
  • Sock-like sole, heel & toes for better wear-resistance.
  • Fine spiral slits slims the legs.
  • Lack of elastane means less stretchiness.

Appearance & texture

       Adelia tights was one of many patterned tights introduced in Wolford’s AW 15/16 collection.  It comes in a matte, open-knit fashion.  The fine ajour spirals upwards, creating a whirl appearance.  The sole, heel and toe part are specifically knitted to resemble cotton socks.  The waistband are not the more popular and favoured wide ones but the traditional waistband measuring 2.5cm wide.

       The composition is 67% viscose and 33% nylon, which gives a feeling close to Wolford Cotton Velvet but thicker.

Wolford Adelia Tights 01Wolford Adelia Tights 02

Size range

       The size ranges from XS to L.  Mind that the tights lack of stretchiness because there is no elastane.  Hence you may have to go down/up a size depending on your height and size to acquire best fit.

Wolford Adelia Tights 03


       Among the 4 colours, three of them are quite unique: Java – resembling the colour of plums; Oak –  a bluish-green colour and Raven – which lies somewhere between grey and purple.  The remaining being the essential Black.

Wolford Adelia Tights 04

(Source: Wolford Adelia Tights)


       The first thing that went through my mind is that the fine ajour look like windows of a skyscrapers but the buildings get twisted, giving a futuristic urban design.  Realistically, it makes my legs look slimmer because of the optical illusion created by the spiral effect.

       What I really like about Adelia tights is that the open-knit feature allows your legs room to breath.  This means you can have pants, long skirts or dresses without getting too hot and humid.

       Despite the smooth-knit sole, heel and toe, I still have the feeling of stepping on strings, similar to the feeling of wearing fish-net tights.  This doesn’t bother me though.  What really concerns me is the lack of elastane and therefore hose part are made slightly longer to compensate the less stretchiness.   My height lies on the very top end the of size S and after I tried it on, I felt there is still room for taller people.  I couldn’t imagine how it would be like for individual who is just 5cm shorter than me for example.

       I think the colours are well selected.  They are an easy match for winter clothing.  I was only able to find black online but I certainly would like to have alternative colours, especially Java, if I can.

Wolford Adelia Tights 05Wolford Adelia Tights 06Wolford Adelia Tights 07Wolford Adelia Tights 08


       Although open-knit tights, whether patterns of floral or geometric, are usually grouped into the “Trends” category, they seldom go out of fashion.  If you like the open-knit feature, it is always a good idea to pick up one or two during the on sale period.

       You can still find Adelia tights online and possibly in retail shops.  Knee-Highs and Socks version may also be available:

Wolford Online Shop (U.K.)


Link has become obsolete.  (06/10/16)

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