Review: Wolford Nude 8 Tights (Updated: 20/04/18)

      Welcome to ilovehosiery and my first in-depth review of tights.  It can be unhealthy at the pudendum when wearing tights all day long during the scotching summer.  What if you do have to wear them, may be a dress code at your workplace or you like wearing them regardless of the hot weather?  Wolford recently reintroduced Nude 8 tights, which feature powder effect and great breathability.  Could this be the right item for you?  Let’s find out.

Strengths & Weaknesses

⊕ Ultra sheer luxury tights that allows the legs to breathe with ease.
⊕ Refine the skin colour with its matte, powder effect.
⊕ Subtle shimmering effect on certain angles gives a dynamic contrast appearance.

• Sandal toe for open-toe shoes.
• Fairly Light Colour blends well with Asian skin tone.

⊗ Relatively loose envelopment on the legs.


      The logo at the front cover stands out from the white background.  Its message from the cover image is clear: you are sexy, elegant and feminine whenever you wear them.

      The packaging hasn’t changed much since my first pair of Wolford tights bought in 2000.  The tights wrap around a thin piece of cardboard, which are then protected by a tri-fold cardboard.  It is then wrapped in a transparent plastic sleeve.  The thin cardboard has often been used to feature other Wolford products.  One new addition is the QR code, which will link you to official online shop if you scan it with your mobile phone.

Product description

      Below is the description I gathered from the Wolford online shop:

Naturally feminine: These sheer tights put legs in the perfect light. The matt, powder effect is spread evenly over the skin, and the unreinforced toe enables the tights to be worn with sandals.

  • Natural look
  • Soft, comfortable knitted waistband
  • Cotton gusset
  • A perfect summer basic item.

Appearance & texture

      The Nude 8 is ultra-sheer (8 Denier appearance) tights in matte fashion.  It is sheer-to-waist.  The texture has a silky touch, and feels very delicate.  The knitted waistband measures 4cm wide.  There is also a finger band, which is 3cm-wide.  The cotton gusset is knitted and the toes are unreinforced (sandal toe).

      The composition is 50% nylon and 50% elastane.  Mind that the elastane is only used in the waistband.

(Sourced from Wolford AG)

Size range

      You can find your size using the size chart online or on the back cover of the product (shown below).  The size for Nude 8 Tights range from XS to XL.  I bought size S for this review.


      There are seven colours available at the time of writing this review.  Six of them correspond to various skin tones from light to chestnut brown.  The remaining is Black colour.  The colour I bought is “Fairly Light”, which is a new addition to the Wolford colour range.  It is slightly darker than Cosmetic colour but lighter than Sand.  I have made a comparison among Wolford nude colours in the image below (taken under natural light setting).



      I am 171cm (5’7”) tall and weighs 57kg (125 lbs), and size S fitted me just right.  Somehow I had a longer left hose than the right one, but this didn’t seem to affect the fit or comfortableness.  The envelopment was relatively loose though.  The tights gently hovered on the skin than a good hug.  There were some markings on the waist after wearing it all day, but not to the point of discomfort (my waist is 74cm (29″)).  If you happen to land between two sizes, I would suggest going for the smaller size if you are lean.  If you need the comfort from a wider waistband, go for the bigger one.


      The 8 denier appearance is very thin!  You can see from the image below that the letters on the front cover are clear even with the tights placed on top.

      The tights exert a discreet sheen when shone by direct sunlight.  I personally favour this as it gives the legs more contrast and three-dimensional.  The powder effect evened any slight differences in skin colour and blurred the scars.

      Being an Asian with an olive colour skin undertone, I have been having trouble finding the right colour that matches my skin.  Cosmetic made my legs look too pale and Gobi was too warm (Sand were the nearest I came across).  Thanks to the Wolford research team, I finally found the right colour!  I definitely recommend you to try this colour if you have the same characteristics as me.


      It felt like being gently caressed by your love one.  Furthermore, the ultra thin layer allows your legs to breathe with ease.  This is ideal if you do have to wear tights in a very hot day.

Final words

      Great breathability, discreet sheen and powder effect makes Nude 8 a necessity for the coming summer.  They are available online and in retail stores for €19 or £19.  Knee-highs and socks are also available.

Wolford Online Shop (English)


  • Price change.  (20/04/18)

4 replies on “Review: Wolford Nude 8 Tights (Updated: 20/04/18)”

You said “Mind that the elastane is only used in the waistband.” So do you mean the body has no elastane?


Yes, according to the description on the back of the packaging, which says “Spandex used only in the knitted waistband”. I don’t see such description on the online shop by the way.



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