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Review: Wolford Nude 8 Tights (Updated: 29/05/16)

       We have all heard about how unhealthy it can be for your pudendum when wearing tights all day long during the scotching summer.  But what if you do have to wear them due to the dress code of your workplace?  Or you simply love wearing tights regardless of the weather?  I purchased a pair of ultra transparent tights recently introduced by Wolford.  Let’s find out if this is right for you.


  • Ultra sheer luxury pantyhose that allows your legs to breathe.
  • Refines your skin tone thanks to its matte, powder effect.
  • Gives the leg a dynamic look due to subtle shimmer when viewed on certain angle.
  • No difficulty showing colourful nail finishings with its unreinforced toe.
  • Fairly Light Colour blends well with Asian skin tone.
  • Soft and comfortable knit waist.

First look & packaging

       The logo, though not particularly large, stands out from the white background.  The message from the cover image is clear: you are sexy, elegant and feminine whenever you wear them.

Wolford Nude 8 01

       The packaging has not changed much…  Tights fold around a thin piece of cardboard, which is protected by a tri-fold cardboard and wrapped in a plastic bag.  The thin cardboard has often been used to feature other Wolford products.  One thing I noticed though, is the addition of QR code, which will link you to official online shop if you scan it with your mobile phone.

Wolford Nude 8 02

Appearance & texture

       The 8 denier appearance really gives an ultra transparent look.  The letters on the front cover are visible even with the tights placed on top.  Such feature goes all the way to the tip of the pantyhose, hence won’t stopping you from showing off your elaborated nail finishes.  The wide waistband has become a standard in recent years, and it measures 4.5cm wide.

       The texture of Nude 8 tights is very similar to Transparency 10 tights and Luxe 9 tights of the Wolford sheer tights collection.  It has a silky appearance, and are indeed very delicate.

       The tights I bought has a slightly longer left leg.  I am still bewildered as to how this could happen.

Wolford Nude 8 03Wolford Nude 8 04Wolford Nude 8 05Wolford Nude 8 06

Size range

       You can easily identify your size using the size chart online or on the back cover of the product (see below), which is very much standard across Wolford products and pretty reliable.  If you happen to land between two sizes, I would suggest going for the smaller size if you are slim but tall due to its elastic feature and the larger size if you need the extra comfort from a wider waistband.

Wolford Nude 8 07

Colour selection

       Nude 8 tights comes with 7 colours.  Six of these correspond to various skin tones from light to chestnut brown.  I have attached the colour palettes as below.  They are (from left to right): Caramel, Honey, Cosmetic, Gobi, Sand, Fairly Light and Black.

Wolford Nude 8 08

(Source: Wolford Nude 8 Tights)

       I bought the “Fairly Light”, which is a recent addition to the Wolford colour range.  It is slightly darker than the Cosmetic but lighter than the colour Sand.  I have compared it with other Wolford colour palettes in the picture below in the following order (under natural light settings):

  1. Cosmetic (Individual 10)
  2. Fairly Light (Nude 8)
  3. Sahara/Black (Stella tights)
  4. Gobi (Pure Energy 30 Leg Vitaliser)
  5. Honey (Transparency 10)

Wolford Nude 8 09


       One of the most striking things about Nude 8 tights is that it it really feels like your love one gently caressing your legs with every step.  Furthermore, the ultra thin layer allows your legs to breathe, which is a great plus if you do have to wear tights in a hot day.

       The tights has a matte finish but gives a subtle shimmer when viewed from certain angle.  I personally favour this characteristic as it gives the legs more contrast and therefore a dynamic, three-dimensional appearance.  The powder effect evens any slight differences of the skin colour on your leg but does not hide away spots.  Likewise, it does not reshape the bony parts of the leg to look more smooth.

       I am 171cm (5’7”) tall and weighs 57kg (125 lbs), and size S fits me just right.  The slightly longer left leg doesn’t seem to affect the appearance or comfort.  This is probably due to the substantial percentage of elastane used.  Although the waistband does leave a few markings around the waist after wearing it for a while, it doesn’t irritates me (my waist is 74cm or 29 inches).

       Being an asian with an olive colour skin undertone, I have had trouble finding the right colour that meets my skin colour.  Cosmetic colour makes my legs look too pale where as Gobi being too warm (Sand being the nearest I have came across).  But thanks to the Wolford research team, I have finally found the right colour!  I definitely recommend you to try this colour if you have the same characteristics as me.

Wolford Nude 8 10Wolford Nude 8 11Wolford Nude 8 12Wolford Nude 8 13


       The breathable ultra thin layer, dynamic contrast appearance with a refining effect makes Nude 8 tights a great addition to your closet for the coming summer.  They are priced at £17 or €20, which is a bit more than the Transparency 10 tights that has a very similar texture but different composition.  The sensation difference is very subtle between the two, hence I will leave the decision to you.

       Wolford recently publicised its innovation of adjustable waistband, which will be in stores in September this year.  It has always been fascinating to see how these innovations can be incorporated into current collections, making them more comfortable yet stylish to wear.

       Nude 8 tights are available online and in retail stores.  Knee-highs and socks are also available.

Wolford online shop (U.K.)


       My partner commented on the tights, saying she doesn’t like the touch of them, feels synthetic.  (29/05/16)


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